Terms and Conditions

Dear customer, we welcome you to Iceland. Please read these Terms and Conditions carefully. These Terms and Conditions are verified by the payment of a confirmation fee for the property in question. As a service provider Icelandic Luxury will hereafter be referred to as “Provider” whereas purchaser of services will be referred to as “Client”. By accepting these terms, the client confirms that he has read them and agrees to them.



1.1. Contractual relationship begins as soon as confirmation fee for the rented property has been paid and corresponding rental confirmation has been sent out to the Client. The description of properties on our web-site, or any services, does not constitute a contractual offer of any kind.

1.2. Liability of provider of services, or client, is further stipulated in this contract and becomes effective if the conditions of section 1.1 are met.

1.3. These rental Terms and Conditions apply exclusively. Any other agreement between Client and owners, or caretakers, of individual properties are not binding nor cause liability for the Provider.

1.4. All agreements between Provider and Client must be concluded in a verifiable way, e.g. writing. Rental confirmation and payment of confirmation fee is considered as a written confirmation of contractual relationship between Provider and Client.



2.1. Reservation of property that the Client wants to rent over specific time becomes effective only after the Client pays confirmation fee. After the Provider has received the payment the property is reserved for the Client.

2.2. The amount of the reservation fee is 20% of the total amount due for the intended full reservation period of any given property handled by the Provider.

2.3. The confirmation fee is due a week after the Client has received information on price for the intended stay, or offer by e-mail, from the Provider.

2.4. Full rental for the rented property is due no later than 30 days before the arrival day. Payments, whether in part or full, are subject to conditions under provisions regarding cancellation in these Terms and Conditions.



3.1. Price for individual rented property is duly advertised on the web-page of the Provider, www.icelandicluxury.com. Prices can be subject to change.

3.2. Prices published on the web-page of the Provider are daily prices in € Euro. Minimum reservation period is 5-7 days depending on the property in question.

3.3. Should prices change after the Client has paid confirmation fee the weekly price from which the confirmation fee is calculated shall not change, regardless of price changes in the period until arrival of the client and regardless of price increase or price decrease. Exemptions from this are to be found in sections 3.4, 3.5 and 3.6.

3.4. Regardless of contents of section 3.3. the Provider can increase prices due to substantial and unforeseen events that can be considered to have major effect on pricing of rental property handled by the Provider. These events can be such as substantial and sudden devaluation or revaluation of currencies, sudden and major increases in public fees/taxes etc.

3.5. The Provider must communicate any such price changes that are subject to section 3.4 and the reasons for them immediately to the Client and no later than 29 days before the due arrival day to the rented property.

3.6. Should the price increase that is made in accordance with sections 3.4 and 3.5 be more than 20% the Client is entitled to cancel the booking without financial penalty. If cancellation on these grounds is made within 29 days from arrival day the Client is entitled to a full refund of paid fees for the rental property and period in question.



4.1. Reservations are only binding after they have been confirmed by the Client in a form of payment of confirmation fee and matching confirmation from the Provider in the form of an e-mail to the Client.

4.2. Changes may be made to a confirmed reservation from the date of intended arrival until at least sixty days before the agreed commencement of the rental period. This applies only if the Provider has alternative capacity and the alternative booking corresponds in amount to the first. Rebooking’s are only possible in the same calendar year.

4.3. Cancellations to confirmed reservations after the 60 day period are subject to payment for the alteration as follows.

– Until 50 days before beginning of rental 20% of full rental fee for the period and property in question.

– Between 49 and 15 days before beginning of rental 50% of full rental fee for the period and property in question.

– Less than 15 days before beginning of rental 80% of full rental fee for the period and property in question.

– At rental day, or by no show 100% of full rental price for the period and property in question.



5.1. The rented property is available between 14:00 (PM) on day of arrival and until 12:00 (PM) on day of departure, unless otherwise specified in the on-line rental description of individual properties. A valid credit card, either VISA or MASTERCARD, is required as security for the rented accommodation. The Provider is under no obligation to complete the rental agreement and hand over keys to the property without the security provided by valid credit card details.

5.2. Smoking is strictly forbidden in all properties. Camping is not allowed on the property unless otherwise agreed to by the Provider. Pets are not allowed inside the property unless otherwise agreed to by the Provider. Upon returning the rented property back over to the Provider, or his representative, property should be returned clean and in the same condition as when it was received. The Provider reserves the right to charge for professional cleaning of the property should that be required upon receiving it back on the last rental day. Details regarding standards for each rented property accompany each rental contract and are also to be found upon arrival at the location.

5.3. The customer is required to treat the rented property with care and is fully responsible for the property the entire rental period. Any damage which occurs to the property and the equipment of the rented property, whether inside or outside, shall be compensated for by the Client. Should damages occur during the rental, the Client is required to inform the Provider of these damages immediately.

5.4. The Provider reserves the right to cancel a contract should Client demonstrate behavior which is dangerous or damaging to the property. Should a contract be cancelled in this way the Client is not entitled to compensation or refund.



6.1. The contractual liability of the Provider for damage is limited to refund of rental fee and as a result of non-compliance to these provisions. The provider is not liable for damage caused by a third party.



7.1. Should services provided not meet the standard described in the contract, the Client is entitled to demand action to correct that. The Provider enjoys right to reject that action, should it require a disproportional effort or be based on false pretext.

7.2. For the duration of the provision of service that does not meet the standards defined within the terms here the Client is entitled file for decreased rent. This entitlement is restricted to being justified on grounds of substantial inadequacy, not being made on false pretext and the duty of the Client to report any such inadequacy immediately to the Provider, or his provided representative, during the rental period.



8.1. Local representatives are contracted to deal with service failure during the period of rental by the Client and to solve them as long as a solution is deemed possible and necessary under these terms. They are not permitted, or entitled, to accept or approve compensation claims against the Provider.

8.2. Should a claim regarding service failure be unfounded, unjustified, or based on false pretext, the Provider reserves the right to charge the Client for cost that might arise from any action taken as a result of such a claim.



9.1. Any claims made by the Client have to be made during the rental period in question, at the latest upon return of the rented property.

9.2. Any claims made fall under the previously stipulated conditions within these terms.



10.1. The description of Terms and Conditions in this document is made with the reservation of full rights to make unilateral changes to it as long as the contract between Provider and the Client has not yet been completed. All information herein are published with reservation of errors, misprint etc.